Our Favorite Picture Frames

Our Favorite Picture Frames

January 5, 201543Comments

We’ve found the perfect picture frames to use for our printable art. We love that these frames are mated and can be used with or without the mats. These types of frames make it very easy to put your art right in them and be done quickly for a clean and chic look!

1. White Gallery Frameswhite-frame-with-mat-2

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2. Mirrored Gallery Framesmirrored-frame-with-mat

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3. Black Gallery Framesgallery-frames-black

Buy Black Gallery Frames

Here’s a tip: If you’re creating a full gallery wall, don’t feel like you have to use all the same color frames. Mix it up! Choose different color frames and different sizes. This will add more interest to your gallery wall.


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Jenny Bevlin

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