How to Fold Napkins

September 9, 2014

Napkin folding is an art. There are many ways to fold napkins. One of my favorite ways to fold napkins is into a bow. It’s one of the easier ways to fold napkins and it looks so cute and chic. Follow the photo tutorial below to learn how to fold napkins into bows.napkin-folding-2



First, fold the napkin into itself longways so that the seams meet in the middle. Next, fold the napkin in half longways. Then fold the ends of the napkin on the right and left into each other to meet at the seams. This will make a rectangle. Lastly, cinch the folded rectangle in the middle and secure with patterned paper or string.

That’s it! These cute folded bow napkins are cute for wedding place settings or bridal shower place settings.


Jenny Bevlin

Jenny Bevlin

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