Whimsical Botanical Garland

Whimsical Botanical Garland


  1. Unlock the file.  Look for the gray box on each printable page that says ‘your free printable is ready for download’ and read the box and press the social share buttons in the box to unlock the file. Once you’ve unlocked the file, the gray box will disappear and a pink download button will be in it’s place.
  2. After you unlock the file, click on the download button to download and open the file.
  3. Press print.

Additional information:

  • Permitted Use: This file is for personal use only. This file may not be used for any commercial purposes. Commercial purposes that are prohibited include but are not limited to: selling the printed file, selling the file, uploading the file to any other website, using the file in a digital product for sale, using the printed file in a product for sale.
  • Paper recommendation: Card stock paper
  • Please read our FAQ to trouble shoot issues downloading the files: Frequently Asked Questions

Click the social share buttons in the box below to unlock the file. If you don’t see the box then you need to turn off your ad blocker/social media blocker.