How to Come Up with a Blog Name

One thing that can be tricky when starting a blog is how to come up with a blog name. Your blog name is something that you should think about thoroughly. When I picked my blog name, I made sure that I picked something that was also brandable. I knew that I was going to be selling products under the name as well, so I wanted something that stood out and was different. It took me over a week to land on the perfect name. There are many considerations you need to take when picking out your blog name. If you’re not sure about what name to choose, I’m going to help you out by giving you some suggestions and walking you through the steps I took to land the perfect blog name.

How to Come Up with a Blog Name

  1. Pick your blog niche.
  2. Brainstorm word ideas that have to do with your niche.
  3. Mix words together to come up with the perfect blog name.
  4. Check to see if the domain name is available.
  5. Check to see if the social media handles are available.

How to Come Up with a Blog Name

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Pick Your Blog Niche

What is your blog about? Your blog name will most likely relate to your niche in some way. My blog niche is pretty wide. I blog about DIY projects, crafting, decorating, parties, business and blogging. I would consider my blog a lifestyle blog since it covers a wide range of topics. You should blog about what interests you and also what you are good at. Blogging about what you are good at will set you up for success.

I’ve been crafting and making things practically my whole life, so it was only natural that was what I should choose to blog about. I’ve also been blogging and running a successful business for around 7 years which qualifies me to blog about business and blogging. One mistake that I often see in new bloggers is that they pick a niche based on popularity and trends. This is only going to hurt you in the long run if you aren’t truly interested in the topic or have no knowledge of the topic. That would be like someone who doesn’t cook picking to be a food blogger just because it’s popular. It’s not going to work and it won’t feel authentic to your audience.

Brainstorm word ideas that have to do with your niche

The next step to coming up with a blog name is to brainstorm word ideas that have to do with your niche. I recommend pulling out a sheet of paper and pen and jotting down words. This is an example list of words I wrote out when I was coming up with my blog name: DIY, crafts, chic, decor, decorating, party, parties, celebrations, balloons, weddings, confetti, champagne, making, style, designing and so on. I had a list of around 100 words that had to do with my niche. One thing that may help you come up with words is using a Thesaurus. Using a Thesaurus can help you pick synonyms of words on your list that may work for your blog name.

Mix words together to come up with the perfect blog name

Now that you have a list of words that have to do with your niche, start putting those words together to see what you can can come up with. One tip is to make it easy to remember. Too long of a name or too many words are not ideal. The best names are one of two words. Some of the best names are made up words. That is how I came up with my blog name. I combined the words chic and confetti to get Chicfetti. If you make up a word, it’s also easier to get the social handles for that word. One popular way to name a blog is put the word ‘and’ between two words. For example, Crafts and Champagne or Style and Crafts. I would recommend having a list of blog name ideas that you like. Unfortunately just because you come up with a name, doesn’t mean it will be available. In fact, I had a list of 30 blog name ideas when I was coming up with my blog name. Having a list will hopefully ensure that at least one of them will be available.

Check to see if the domain name is available

Now that you have your list of name ideas, you need to check to see if they are available. When you sign up for hosting with Bluehost, your domain name is included for free. You can use the domain name checker below to see if your domain name is available. Just type your name in the box below and then click check availability to see if it’s available.

If the name is available, then you will be prompted to create your account on Bluehost to sign up for hosting. The domain name is included when you sign up for hosting with Bluehost. If the name is not available, then it will tell you it isn’t available and give you alternative ideas that are available.

Check to see if the social media handles are available

This is optional, but is recommended. Social media is very important to growing your audience and connecting with them. You will also need to check if the social media handles for your name are available. These are the social media channels that I focus on for my blog: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also got the Youtube channel name and URL for my blog name. Since my blog was a completely made up word, I was able to snag all of the handles for my name. If you can’t get the social media handles for your name, you can also try adding the word official to them or adding the word ‘the’ to the beginning. Adding extra words to the name isn’t ideal, but in some situations you may not be able to get everything, so you may have to compromise.

I hope that this post has helped you and that you have now come up with the perfect blog name! If you have your blog name and you’re ready to get started, you can go to my how to start a blog post and get started with your blog.

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