How to Make Pom Poms

I’m going to share a little secret with you today for how to make pom poms. It’s called the clover pom pom maker! Clover has pom pom makers in 5 sizes and I own every size. These pom pom makers are easy to use and make the most perfect pom poms you ever did see! There are many uses for pom poms. You can use them to make pom pom garland, pom pom shoe clips and put them on packages to make cute gift wrap. The pom pom garland makes great wedding decorations!how-to-make-pom-poms


I always find it’s easier to learn how to do something with great images. This image shows the steps you need to make a pom pom. If you are using chiffon,  cut the chiffon into thin strips (about 1″ wide) before wrapping it around the pom pom maker. If you are using yarn, all you have to do is wrap it without cutting


If you want to make pom pom garland, make a bunch of pom poms and then string them on twine. To string the pom poms, thread the twine on a needle and then poke the needle through the middle of each pom pom. diy-pom-pom-garland


If you want to make pom pom shoe clips, purchase shoe clip blanks and either glue or sew the pom poms to the

Image via BHLDN



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