How To Print Printable Wall Art

Printable wall art is a great way to decorate your space on a budget. You can instantly download the art, have it printed (or print it yourself) and then frame it. Depending on how you have to print it, you can have your new art in your space in a day. We receive a lot of questions about how to print printable wall art. Read on to learn about this very popular form of printing art and decorating your space.

How To Print Printable Wall Art


What is printable wall art?

Printable wall art is art that you can download and print yourself. It’s basically just a file that you download, print out and frame.

What file types does printable wall art come in?

Our printable wall art is available in PDF files. PDF files are a widely used file type that anyone can open on their computer or device. Our files are high resolution. This means that they won’t be blurry when you print them out. Have you ever downloaded a file off the internet and tried to print it out only to realized that it turns out blurry? This is because the file wasn’t saved as a high resolution. Our files will always print out in high quality.

Do I need any special programs to open and print printable wall art?

No, you don’t need any special programs to print out our wall art. Since our files are PDF files, you can open them on any computer or device.

How do I print printable wall art?

There are a couple ways to print out the art. You can print some file sizes at home. If you are printing at home, you will be limited to the size of paper that your printer can print. Most home printers only print letter sized paper. There are some home printers that will print up to 11″x17″ paper. For all other sizes, you will need to get your files printed using an online printer or a local printer. To print locally, we recommend your local Fed Ex Office, Staples or Office Depot locations. Most Walgreens pharmacies can also print large poster prints.

I get my files printed at Office Depot. They have an online printing option where you can upload your file to their system and order it online. They will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. Then you just have to go to the location you where you submitted the order and pick it up. They always offer same day pick up. I can place the order and it is always ready in a few hours for pick up.

How To Print Printable Wall Art

What printer do you recommend for printing art at home?

We love Canon’s Pixma line of printers. I use the Canon Pixma iP8720. This printer makes high quality color prints. It also prints up to 13″x19″ for making larger poster sized prints. It’s the perfect printer for printing out printables.

What type of paper do you recommend for printable wall art?

There are two types of paper that you can get to print your wall art. You can either get matte paper which won’t have a shiny look. It is matte so it will have a flat look. You can also purchase glossy paper or photo paper. This type of paper will give your art a more shiny look. I prefer to print my art on matte cardstock paper.

Where can I download printable wall art?

We have over 100 downloadable printable wall art files on our site. We also periodically add more designs.

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Can I use your art for commercial purposes?

No you cannot. We don’t allow our files to be used for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to printing and selling the printed product to others, uploading our files to any other website or selling our files.

This all sounds nice, but I don’t want to print our my own art. Can I buy it printed?

Absolutely! We sell wall art that can shipped to you. All you have to do is frame it once you receive it. We print our wall art on high quality matte paper. All you have to do is place the order and it will ship right to your house.

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