Printable Thank You Cards for Your Business

Printable thank you cards are perfect to include in your shop’s packages. One thing that I wasn’t sure about when I first started my Etsy shop was what to include in packages.  I knew that I wanted to include packaging inserts, but I wasn’t sure what to put on them or how they should look. In this post I’m going to walk you through some ideas of what to include on your online store insert cards and also provide you with some printable thank you cards. Our printable thank you cards are editable so that you can edit the text to include your own text.

Printable Thank You Cards for your Business

Why you should include thank you cards in your packages

A great way to get repeat business and to thank your customers for their purchase is to include insert cards in each outgoing package. The packaging insert card can contain a coupon code that a customer can use towards their next purchase. Packaging insert cards can also contain other things like your social media handles, social media hashtag, website address and prompts to have the customer leave a review.

What your thank you cards should include

It’s best to limit your packaging insert cards to one thing that you want the customer to do. Keep it simple. If there are too many action items on the card, it will be overwhelming for the customer and they probably won’t do anything.

The main three action items you want a customer to take are:

  1. Make another purchase with a coupon code.
  2. Leave a review.
  3. Post a photo on social media with a hashtag.

In addition to one of the above action items, I also include my social media handle and website address on the cards. When you first start your shop, reviews are going to be very important to you. You will want to establish confidence in other buyers. This makes leaving a review a more important action item that you want a customer to take. Once you establish a good amount of positive reviews, then you can start using the other two action items. This is the strategy that I have used in my shop to gain reviews and grow sales.

Online Store Thank You Cards

Printable Thank You Cards

I’ve designed some editable printable thank you cards for you to use in your packages. Our cards are editable so that you can change the information on them to work for your shop. Every shop branding is different, so we’ve added multiple designs to pick from so that you are sure to be able to find a design that fits your brand’s aesthetic.

How to edit the files:

  1. Open the file in Adobe Reader – a free program that can be downloaded here:
  2. Edit the highlighted text to your own. Files are pre-populated with text as a guide.
  3. Save the cards.
  4. Print the cards.
  5. Cut the cards in half and then cut them in half again.

We also include a file that is just one card. This is perfect to use if you are uploading to an online printing site. Some online printing sites won’t accept a PDF file. If you are uploading to a site that requires a jpg file, then you will need to convert the PDF file to a jpg. To do this, you will follow instructions 1-3 above. Then you will use a free online converter to convert the file to a jpg.

How to Edit Printables

Download Printable Thank You Cards

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