The Best Meal Prep Containers

Since I started meal prepping, I’ve been on the search for the best meal prep containers. I can now say that after trying a bunch of different types of containers, I have found the best ones. I have many requirements for the containers in order to be able to effectively meal prep. The containers that I found met all the requirements on my list. I want to share my find as I’m sure there are others out there looking for great food prep containers.

The Best Meal Prep Containers Features

Glass Containers

Glass containers were high on my list of features that I was looking for in meal prep containers. They had to be oven safe glass so that I could put them in the oven. I try not to use the microwave if I can. It’s great if I can just come home and pop my meal in the oven. The meal can heat up in the oven while I tend to other things. This makes it easy to have healthy meals every day.

Best Meal Prep Containers

Partitioned Containers

I take my food to the office with me for lunch. My lunches usually consist of a sandwich or salad, veggies or chips and some sort of fruit. Partitioned containers are perfect for separating all the items in my lunch. These containers are also perfect for kids lunches.

Different Types of Containers

These containers come with different numbers of partitions. These containers come with one compartment or come partitioned with two compartments or three compartments.

Best Meal Prep Containers

1 Compartment Square Containers | 2 Compartment Square Containers | 3 Compartment Square Containers

Easy to put on and remove lids that are airtight

I’ve used meal prep containers where the lids weren’t tight enough and were hard to put on. These containers have airtight lids. They are also easy to snap on the glass containers. The lids are made of plastic and are BPA free. Because of the way the lids are made, I’ve never had an issue with leaking.

Freezer, Oven and Microwave Safe Containers

I often freeze my meals, so freezer safe containers were important to me. As I mentioned above they are also oven and microwave safe.

1 Compartment Square Containers | 2 Compartment Square Containers | 3 Compartment Square Containers

Do you meal prep? If so, let us know your tips in the comments.

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