The Best Pin Size for Pinterest Pins

In 2018 Pinterest updated their best practices for pinning. With this update, came a change in the best pin size for Pinterest pins. Prior to this change, longer pins did the best on Pinterest. You couldn’t read through a Pinterest tips post without it being mentioned that your pins should be long. The longer the better, right? This was because longer pins took up more real estate on Pinterest and therefore drove more clicks. In 2018 Pinterest stated that longer pins will no longer be favored in the algorithm. These longer pins will also be truncated in the feed. So, what is the best pin size for Pinterest Pins?

Best Pin Size for Pinterest Pins

Best Pin Size

Pinterest states that a vertical pin in 2:3 aspect ratio is the best size for pins. Pinterest says the optimal size is 600 px x 900 px. However, any 2:3 aspect ratio is fine. I make my pins 900 px x 1350 px which is a 2:3 aspect ratio. I adopted the 2:3 aspect ratio when Pinterest made it known that longer pins would no longer perform well. I’ve already started to notice that my longer pins are no longer doing well on Pinterest. If you see longer pins in your feed that look like they are doing well it’s because they are older pins. Older long pins are still showing up in feeds. If you are creating a new pin, make sure it is in 2:3 aspect ratio. This will ensure that your pin will perform best.

Best Pin Size for Pinterest Pins

Pin Strategy

Does this mean that you need to go back and redo all of your pins to conform to the correct size? It’s really up to you if you want to do this. It’s a lot of work! I know a lot of blogs already spent a lot of time making extra long pins for their posts. My strategy is to make all new pins going forward in 2:3 aspect ratio. I also plan on going back and making new pins for my best performing evergreen content. Be sure not to delete your old pins that are longer. Those pins could still be showing up in feeds. I know that I have some old longer pins that are still doing really well which is why I don’t plan on deleting any pins.

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