Illegal sports betting: Sweden's gambling regulator warns Betsson

The Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen has warned sports betting provider Betsson Nordic Ltd. The online bookmaker is said to have offered unauthorized bets on a soccer match. The authority announced this in a press release on Monday.

Sweden's gambling regulator warns Betsson

The offense cited by Spelinspektionen related to a soccer match between Malmö FF and Elfsborg FC on May 20, 2021, it said. The regulator had received a tip-off that Betsson had offered betting markets that violated integrity rules. 

Thus, bets on penalties for rule violations were allegedly offered for a said soccer match. Specifically, the bets were on a penalty kick. According to the provisions of the Swedish Gaming Act, however, this was not permissible.

Betting on rule violations is not permitted

With the 2020 amendments to the Gambling Act, Spelinspektionen banned licensed bookmakers from offering markets on rule violations such as sending offs, penalties, and yellow cards in soccer.

The measure was introduced as integrity protection. It aims to protect Swedish lower leagues and amateur football leagues from becoming betting manipulation and corruption victims. Check out online Indian casino reviews.

No fine for Betsson

In response to his reprimand, Betsson had admitted to accepting about SEK 3,000 (€300) in bets on its online platform that violated market rules.

The bets on the penalty kick had been part of a combined bet. Said offer had come from a third-party provider and not from Betsson, the bookmaker defended. Therefore, the company thought that the bets were not in conflict with the applicable rules.

Sweden's gambling regulator warns Betsson

Nevertheless, the tips were immediately declared invalid. In addition, the stakes had been returned to the players. Betsson stressed that its sports betting platform had been revised so that similar bets were now no longer possible.

In addition, the bookmaker had instructed its third-party provider to remove all similarly designed betting markets for its offerings to avoid future discrepancies.

Spelinspektionen considered the low turnover on these markets as a "mitigating factor," as well as the fact that the bets had been declared void. In addition, Betsson had taken immediate action.

Another mitigating factor, it said, was the high level of play, where there was the risk of undue influence on players, and referees can be considered lower than in certain other contexts.

Based on these factors, Spelinspektionen stated that Betsson had acted sufficiently. A warning as a sanction was therefore sufficient.

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