What are the diseases of the retina eye? and women out competition

Under the retina, or as it is also called, retina, it is understood as a peculiar shell from the inner surface of the eye, which includes nerve endings and photoreceptors (receptors that show the reaction to the manifestation of light).

The status of the retina affects the degree of accuracy and the density of the picture formed before the eyes, which will be transported along the nerve located in the body of the vision in the brain.

It should be noted that the receptors presented in the form of cells in the retina of the eye can be classified for two types - namely, wands and columns. If you go into details, the sticks have a higher degree of sensitivity to the light, it is with their help we can see in a dark place, besides, it is the sticks that are responsible for the ability of a person to peripherally see. If we talk in more detail about the other component, kolinskok, then they perform their work in illumination, and it is they who are responsible for the specification of small details, in other words, the columns are responsible for the central sight of a person, with their help a person distinguishes shades and colors. The most maximum number of colums is located in a hole located in the center of the eye, or in other words, Makule.

Women out competition

The fact that many viruses affect women and men in different ways, scientists already knew, but the nature of this phenomenon and its features were only now the subject of close attention of researchers. A comprehensive study dedicated to this topic was completed in the Royal University of London.

It turns out that men are more susceptible to viral infections, and the probability of complications (with other things being equal) is also higher. And the reason for the fact that virologists are convinced, the special biological status of a woman as a continuer of the genus. Reducing the intensity of the impact on the female organism, the viruses are thus increasing the chances of spreading the child's body.

The object of the study was a virus provoking leukemia. As a result of the study, it was convincingly proven that women are much less likely to fall. More precisely, the carriers of the virus women can be - and are, - but most often do not get sick.

However, if you think about it, even ordinary flu in women is usually easier than in men. But the trouble is that most of them find it possible to "pass" the flu, and women are increasingly tolerated by "on the legs". https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/max-polyakov-41788.php

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