What material is better to use for the construction of walls at home?

For the construction of walls use the most diverse raw materials. Each material is suitable for certain consumer needs, goals and needs. It is very important to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of different materials so as not to make a fatal error.
Firing brick
This material has many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include high strength of walls, refractoriness, due to which near the wall can be installed heating elements (fireplaces, furnaces, and so on). This material is not exposed to insects, does not rot. Houses of such brick are very durable. Due to the fact that the material has small sizes, you can lay out a variety of figures from it. In the walls of this material, high heat capacity, so in the summer in such a house it will be cool, and in the winter heat.
In raw materials there are disadvantages. Brick absorbs moisture very well. If the house is operated only once in the season, then the material will quickly collapse. When the wall is erected, it is necessary to use a ribbon foundation.
You can finish the walls only a year after the masonry, they need to settle. For a comfortable stay, the heat loss is minimal, the width of the wall of pure brick should be two meters. It is difficult to achieve this, so you have to lay an additional layer of insulation.
The advantages of this material: in the house with such walls it is easy to breathe. The tree is a good thermal insulator, much better bricks. Wood walls contribute to maintaining a healthy microclimate, remove excess humidity. The walls from the bar are resistant to any deformations, withstand many frost and defrost cycles, therefore the life of their operation exceeds 100 years.
It is worth mentioning and disadvantages. The walls are very easy to light, are attacked insects and rotting. It is also impossible to finish immediately after the construction. There must be a year.
Frame walls
Perhaps the best option is skew walls. They are inexpensive, warm, they are very quickly erected. Options to insulate this material, a lot. For example, if you tighten the walls with pair-waterproofing and put inward any insulation, then the thermos will turn out. If you look at the ratio of the quality of thermal insulation, environmental friendliness, the prices of construction services, the cost of heating costs, durability, then the frame walls are the best option for today. The 1xBet bookmaker provides bonuses and promo codes, every bettor can receive bonuses. Get 130% off the current promo code for 1xbet for free. New registration coupons every hour on the website. 1xbet Promo Code https://medicinesonline.org.uk/pag/india_promo_code_for_1.html 130 $ Fun layout for Android or iPhone applications. Since the promo code must be used upon sign-up, it can be claimed by new players registering with 1XBet. Regarding the promotion, other offers from this bookmaker, it is proposed to users in adults. Registering with 1xBet is easy to do in Nigeria with a 1xBet promo code Nigeria players can use.

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