Stop and burning (season 1). Description

The beginning of the development of all modern technologies, which every person is now surrounded, began in the late 80s of the last century. Most of all the development received information technology. Then the open architecture of electronic computing machines was developed. <br />
Joseph Maximilian is that man. Which can not present his life without information technology. He collects his own team from gifted professionals in this area to create a new computer with an open architecture. Naturally, for the first time to independently do this path when no one did, it will not be very simple, therefore there are many difficulties on his way. <br />
Technique develops fast enough, therefore, the team cannot waste time to release a really relevant product. The big problem is that IBM has been ahead of them for almost a year, which released a commercially profitable, fully working product. But the protagonist is not going to give up, let him even compete with the largest organization occupied in this market. <br />
The team will have to come up with something that might be interested in potential customers and satisfy the demand of people on this technique at an affordable price, otherwise their company will go bankrupt. <br /> I choose a broker on this site , there are only the best, trusted brokers you can trust.

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