Vorontsov Palace - Luxury Resident Count

Among the trimmed fog of the mountains and the Marmara Sea, among the Warround Park and away from the urban fuss, cozy, quietly and lonely the Vorontsov Palace is located. This formidable and majestic structure was once grounded and built by a rich and famous Count Vorontsov, it moved and was inherited to every generation of descendants of the graph, but at some time the family of Vorontsov had a failure and she overtook the crisis time, as a result of which crushed rich The building was transferred to the state treasury, since the descendants of the great genus did not have funds to keep the palace built by the founder of their kind.

The uniqueness of the palace is shown in the fact that different architectural styles are intertwined, a rich setting and ruining of rooms, a luxurious old park with centenary trees and a charming, an unforgettable landscape view of a water surface, and not only from a large terrace, but also from the windows of the palace.

As far as known from the historical chronicles, the construction of this family house was conducted about 20 (if not more) years, and, accordingly, included and connected several architectural eras in themselves. The tour of the palace begins with one entrance, and ends with others. Therefore, when you enter and leave the palace, it seems that there were different buildings.

For example, at the entrance to the Vorontsov Palace, it seems that it is a medieval castle in the knightly style - form of strict, correct, sullen and even a bit boring. And when leaving, the Vorontsov Palace changed into white marble, became graceful, sophisticated, charming, whose fragrance brings only fresh, funny and romantic thoughts. The eye is inspired by a luxurious landscape view of a calm, and sometimes very violent sea ...

Inside the building, the Count Abode is equipped with "on the highest class" - crystal chandeliers, numerous sofas with expensive upholstery, white piano, expensive foreign souvenirs on carved bedside tables, ceilings with wooden patterns, wallpapers with interesting and unusual patterns, pictures of famous artists, personal Portraits, photographs on the walls on wooden framework, Turkish and Persian carpets on the walls, crystal dishes, a large library, sculptures and fountains in the park ...

But it seems the most magnificent architecture in this masterpiece, this is that on the side of the sea, down the stairs, white lions are installed, which characterizes Count Vorontsov as the founder and host that keeps the rest in the rich nobility known to Russia.

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