Winter wisdom: how to care for the skin of the face?

In this period, the skin requires a more careful care than in the summer. Low temperature, ice wind, high humidity - all these indicators negatively affect our appearance. How to choose the right cosmetics for winter, what to pay attention to?

A frivolous attitude to their own health can provoke peeling, inflammation, various irritation and rash on the skin. To look good, it is necessary to preserve the skin of a healthy, elastic and elastic. Winter is the time when the epidermis can be caused by irreparable harm. The ice wind removes natural oils from the skin surface and takes moisture. How to help yourself in this situation?

First of all, you need to think about moisturizing, not only the skin of the face, but also the whole body. At the same time, it is not necessary to ignore such simple ways as using lotion, gel, milk or cream.

Please note that we often in winter we make the same mistake - freezing, on the arrival of home we immediately go to a hot bath or shower. It dries the skin, blurring the natural layer of the sala. For the sake of saving moisture, it is better to take a light shower, after which let's dry the skin naturally.

If nevertheless, the body "insists" on the bath, then pay a little more time to this process. To begin with, apply coconut oil to the body, which will create a film and will help the epidermis save moisture. By the way, with moisture in this period, it is absolutely impossible to overdo it.

By winter you need to stock up with a variety of moisturizing means. The perfect option is milk, cream and lotion. Please note that cosmetologists recommend using several skin care products. For sensitive skin, a serum layer containing vitamin C and algae can be added to the moisturizing lotion or cream. Such funds are favorable on the epidermis.

Of course, you should not forget about the means, which are based on various vegetable oils, for example, such as little avocado, thwart, olive, rosehip, tea tree, etc. These oils help not only feed the skin, but also to hold moisture.

The correct diet also directly affects how we look. In winter, this is especially true and is of great importance. For the reason that the "right" menu affects the skin from the inside, saturating with its nutrients, vitamins and minerals and maintains it in normal state even in extreme winter conditions.

Try to use water as much as possible. On average, experts recommend drinking 2.5 liters of water per day. This will help keep skin elasticity even under the influence of frost, ice wind and air-conditioned air. Why Is Dangerous space debris and What Can We Do About It?

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